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photoset of our FE group from otakon!

lyndis - me/@amaradonis

serra - @antagonisting

hector - @ferrousleonine

photographer - @apprivoise

that last picture is probably my favourite

“why is the cleric the only competent one here?? WHO LET SERRA ON THE FRONT LINES?????”

What a good looking team.


[hey, guys! mun behind the mercenary here. just a quick note that i have two events coming up, and that this askblog is going on hiatus until i’m home from said events. i’ll be gone preparing for and attending otakon, the weekend of the 27-29. and i will be cosplaying lyndis, so if you see me, come say hi! ♥ the following week i’ll be out-of-state at a friend’s house to attend a wedding for her father, and thus no access to my tablet or desktop. two and a half weeks seem like a long time, i know, i’m sorry! there’s just no way around it. thanks for the continued support and the overwhelming love on this blog, it really does keep me motivated to update! ♥ i’ll drop another post when hiatus is over.]

I’m not sure what it’s like for other soldiers, but I was more or less assigned Hyperion from the moment I was knighted.

Of course, we had the option of switching out if our wyvern was too temperamental, and initially, I had considered that maybe Hyperion and I weren’t exactly the best duo…

But I got to know him more. Initially, he was very wary, but he took directions just fine. I guess, after having worked together for so long, he’s warmed up to me a lot. It’s been quite a long time, after all…

Ahah, some of the other knights used to say that a wyvern reflects his rider’s personality. 

How true is that? I’d like to think Hyperion is a lot braver than me.

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